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This excerpt from the genealogy does not contain any living persons, according to the association's DIS guidelines.

Below are some interesting people from our past...

Oluff "Skinnare"

First known resident of the farm of Björs

Born in the early 16th century (lineage unknown). Farmer in Stene 1, Järvsö, according to the 1550-1570 Land Register (later the farm name "Björs")
Wife's name unknown.

Måns Olofsson "Spansk"

Soldier in Sweden's last war

Came home as one of the few, from the conflicts in Finland and Västerbotten against the Russians. Måns Spansk returned to the reg. quarter in Mohedden on 9 February 1809 as one of four survivors from Järvsö comp.
Soldattorp up on the hill Grindstensberget in Järvsö, the so-called "Spanskas".

Andrew Korell (Anders Larsson)

Emmigrated to USA with his brother

Emigrated in 1902 to the United States, where he worked in construction. Returned to Sweden in 1906 and then went back to the USA in 1907 together with his younger brother Markus. Upon entering the new country, they changed their surnames to Korell (after the farm name "Kåra"). The first name Anders was Americanized to Andrew.

Mark Korell (Markus Larsson)

Emmigrated to USA with his brother

Emigration 1907 to the USA together with the older brother Anders (Andrew). Changed the surname to Korell (after the farm name "Kåra") when entering the USA. Lived the first four years in Scandinavia, Wi. where he married Iva Ferden (with Norwegian and Danish roots).